Cityhack: Power People

This is not just a hackathon.

The year is 2078. The world barely survived a full economic collapse, and the Cairo Accord 10 degree global warming temperature has been surpassed.

The Fortum Artificial Intelligence Council is looking for the brightest minds to help reverse where we are headed. The key concepts will be:

Tools For Societies Of The Future & Efficient Use Of Resources.

What will the future society look like? You decide.


Event map

Additional Information

By joining this two-day hackathon, you will have a chance to influence how whole cities are planned and built both in Finland and globally. Ideas will be created, tested, and implemented.

We are particularly interested in how to create communities, and how to use energy (electricity, heat, emotion) to do so. What will be the driving factors for societies to co-live, co-work, and to create sharing economies?