Fusion Day

Fusion Day is a single-day conference hosted by Microsoft and Cardinal Solutions. Fusion is a single day conference featuring a diverse set of speakers chatting about user experience, design, and development.

Schedule (details at Lanyrd.com)

  • 08:00am Registration and Breakfast
  • 09:00am Keynote: Learn It Forward presented by Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman
  • 09:45am Designing the Product vs. Designing the Experience presented by Gilbert Lee
  • 10:45am Using Microsoft Edge and Vorlon.JS to Create a Better Web Experience presented by Joe Raio
  • 11:30am Confusing UX with UI Can Cost You presented by Mariah Hay
  • 01:00pm Building Microservices, Together presented by Hunter Loftis
  • 01:45pm Usability Testing for your UI presented by Amanda Lange
  • 02:30pm Product Development Life Skills & Building Awesome Product Teams presented by Nate Walkingshaw
  • 03:30pm Finding Your Sassy Tribe presented by Mina Markham
  • 04:15pm Keynote: Cohesive User Experience presented by Cameron Moll

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Additional Information

The conference will be held at the Microsoft campus in Charlotte, NC and will feature the following speakers:


  • Dr. Leslie Jensen Inman, Co-Founder and Institutional Director at Center Centre
  • Cameron Moll, Founder & President at Authentic Jobs


  • Gilbert Lee, VP of Product & User Experience at Pluralsight
  • Mina Markham, Front-end Architect at Hillary for America
  • Joe Raio, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
  • Mariah Hay, Director of User Experience at Universal Mind
  • Hunter Loftis, Node.js Platform Owner at Heroku
  • Amanda Lange, Technology Evangelist at Microsoft
  • Nate Walkinshaw, Chief Product Officer at Pluralsight

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