Finding Inspiration - Beyond Fear, Doubt and Hatred

An online gathering with presentations, conversation and plenum hosted by the Anthroposophical Society in Ireland

We are acutely aware that meeting together for large conferences or events or has not been possible over the last year. This has meant changing many plans that we had made as a Society. Nevertheless the impulse has grown to find a way of considering the current situation together, in its manifestation on us as much as the entire world.

Whatever your perspective on its background or cause, one effect of the current Covid situation is that of bringing people to the threshold, spiritually.  In such situations, we meet very specific aspects of ourselves and others which we are challenged to recognise and overcome – especially in the guise of Fear, Doubt and Hatred.

While very aware of the technology we will need to use as a medium for such an attempt – a first for us– the hope for this conversation space is to see what can be brought as remedy for these manifestations, so that the threshold can be met and recognised.

Participation is welcome as an individual or a household group - please choose whichever ticket option suits you.


  • This is the ticket to choose if you're attending as a sole participant. After the 3 presentations, you will be able to join in one of the small group conversations online.
  • This is the ticket to choose if you will be participating with others in your household. After the 3 presentations, your conversation time will be among your household group, instead of in the small online groups. Note ONLY ONE person needs to register for your household - not the entire group. The plenum session will be back online, with everyone.
By the power of Tito