Your daily life can be shared on the web using these famous Instagram stories. This is the reason why Instagram has become one of the major social media websites. But there’s one downside in using Instagram. You are not allowed to save stories. Not having the option of saving the stories you posted, you will lose them after 24 hours since stories have gone live. In case you have an interest in keeping your Instagram stories we are going to share a few methods on how to download Instagram stories along with you.

Download Instagram Stories you Created for the Day Just one story video could be saved for the Instagram stories you created for the entire day. Meaning, to utilize them in the future, you have to play the whole video because all stories are saved as one file. So you will have to see all of the day's clips. This may take time to view but still better than possessing no copy. After all when it correctly saves you can play the video anytime. The guide on how to do it is discussed below.

Let’s get started. On your Instagram feed, top left corner, search for the “Your Story” icon. When you have chosen that, you will see an icon with three small dots; tap that to get more options. The “Save” option should be clicked, then “Save Story” option. Have patience as video rendering will take some time. You will view the video afterwards your Camera Roll..

Download Instagram Stories One at a time The previous procedure above is still required here. Bear in mind the Save option part? This is exactly what we'll utilize to download individual clips of your Instagram stories instead of a complete recording. It’s opposite to the above approach and it’s simple to do. On the Save button options, select Save Video, not the Save Story option. This gives you the option to pick a single photograph or clip and not the entire posts for the whole day. If you are successful in saving just one clip, you later view it in your collections of Pictures or Camera Roll.

Downloading Stories by utilizing someone else's Instagram account This method involves the use of third-party websites to download Instagram stories. You have lots of choices as there are several sites of this type that can be located on the web. They all have similar means of operating. Pick the websites that you may find simple to use and you are comfy.

Third Party Site Download Guide Be prepared of the username or the profile URL. These sites may differ in its requirements. Thus, better check them out before starting. Immediately after offering the necessary info, you may pick the story you wished to download. You will see a “Save” option. Tap it and you are all set. Save it on the folder where you would like it to open later.

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