Agile Estimating & Forecasting

When will it be done?

For many team leaders estimating and forecasting work to be done is essential. However, being essential does not make it easy, reputations can be ruined by an inaccurate estimate.

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Agile software development introduced story points, burn-down charts and other tools to help improve estimation and forecasting. For some teams these have proved very effective but when used without understanding they are unlikely to prove any more accurate than traditional methods.

This half-day online workshop with acclaimed agile guide Allan Kelly prepares product owners, delivery managers and others to undertake agile estimation and forecasting.


  • You will learn how to make estimates and forecasts using story points on agile teams
  • You will know how to improve forecasts, avoid common mistakes and plan for unplanned work
  • You will be able to track, read and update progress using burn-down, burn-up and simple cumulative-flow diagram (CFD)
  • You will understand the 3 planning horizons & the different forecasting approach to each


  • Product Owners, Delivery Managers and Project Managers who need to plan future work.
  • Software engineers - programmers and testers - who are part of an agile team and participate in the estimation and forecasting processes.
  • Scrum Masters who wish to enhance their understanding of estimation and forecasting.

Creator and host

This workshop is created and facilitated by Allan Kelly BSc, MBA, author of "Art of Agile Product Ownership", "Little Book of Requirements and User Stories", "Continuous Digital" and "Business Patterns for Software Developers”.


  • Free ticket for those who find themselves unemployed or furloughed during the time of Covid-19. Donation option is available for those who wish to contribute.
  • Receive "Xanpan" eBook for free plus half price tickets for other September workshops.
  • Free Xanpan eBook plus half price tickets for other September workshops. Early bird tickets end 15 September
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