NSScotland Summer Meetup @ Codebase Edinburgh

Its been a while since we had an NSScotland conference. I thought it might be fun to organise a pretty loose meetup/hackspace post WWDC this year since many of us won't be travelling to the US for one reason or another.

There was enough interest to justify organising a space and asking some lovely sponsors to help pay for it, ( Thanks to James and Saskia of TLA Systems, Gavin and Gordon at Open Planet and Pieter and Sam at Bohemian Coding )


I want to be super clear, there are no formal speakers organised, this just a room for a couple of days with a projector, internet, power, coffee/tea and lunch provided. We can show some WWDC sessions, hack together on any new APIs or tools, maybe even present to each other if anyone feels the urge.

I'm charging a small amount, mostly just to try and ensure that the numbers on the day are close enough to the numbers I expect, which helps me plan lunch. Its a minimum donation, so if the spirit moves you, you can go higher. The entire amount (less any Stripe processing fees) will go to a charity of your choice. Options right now are the Children's Hospice (to help provide care and support for families with children who won't live to adulthood) and Shelter Scotland (which provide care and support for people who found themselves homeless). Scottish conference, Scottish charities.

I wanted to get this site up and running quickly, so apologies for how basic it is. More details will be on an actual website once I have an actual website.


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