HMS Sutherland Tour

MechSoc and the AIAA UNSW Student Branch have been offered a rare guided tour of the HMS Sutherland while it's visiting Sydney it's Australian tour.

The HMS Sutherland has several firsts under it's belt, boasting: first warship to pass under the Skye Bridge; first circumnavigation of the globe by a Royal Navy ship in 14 years; first ship to receive and fire the updated Seawolf air defence missile system; most rounds fired by a modified 4.5in ‘Kryten’ gun in one day (247 if you were wondering).

She is also Britain’s fastest frigate, reaching more than 34 knots (39mph) during trials in 2004.

Places on the tour are limited so be sure to register for a ticket if you are keen. Also make sure to select the correct ticket (AIAA / MechSoc).


  • Aerospace Engineering Students
  • Mechanical Engineering Students
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