Action Trauma Network Webinar - Maria Arpa MBE

This webinar will be hosted by Maria Arpa MBE.

How we talk to each other in every life can have positive or negative outcomes, can escalate or diffuse conflict and can affect the course of our lives. Over the last 25 years Maria has developed a communication tool called the Dialogue Road MapTM. Based on a philosophy of nonviolence the Dialogue Road Map helps us to understand how words can be windows or walls. In this session Maria will explain shifts in language that move us into heart based communication in which we are more likely to find collaborative conversation and break down barriers of separation that often end in conflict and dispute. The Dialogue Road Map has been applied in prisons, schools, communities, workplaces and neighbourhoods. It has uses in one to one healing sessions, conflict mediation, restorative justice and governance.

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm (UK/GMT time)


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