Reject.JS 2015

Reject.JS is an annual, community-driven full day JavaScript conference happening in Berlin at September 24th, 2015.

Reject.JS was born in 2010 out of the monthly BerlinJS meetups, and aims to give a chance to experience the JavaScript community to rejected speakers of, people who didn't get a ticket and everyone else who's interested. Nowadays, Reject.JS is a full-blown conference itself, while still staying true to its roots.

When registering, please indicate any dietary requirements. If you have anything else, please contact us directly, we value your opinion and attendance!

Ticket Sale Schedule

  • Regular tickets will be available again on Monday, July 20th, 14:00 CEST (2pm).

What do you get?

The ticket costs €60 (Price: €50 + VAT + fees) and buys you the following things:

  • Entry to the Reject.JS conference on September 24th
  • Supply with refreshments throughout the day
  • A tasty lunch served right on the venue
  • Entry to the after party (tba)

You can pay either via PayPal or via Stripe.

Diversity Donation

Just like last year we will offer the base stock for the travel pool, but we depend on you to fill it up. Just imagine: If every attendee gave additional 10€, the pool would almost be tripled. We could fly in and accommodate various people from around the world.

How can I help?

Enter the total amount you would like to give in the price field

If you can’t give us more money that’s fine, of course. If you want to make it more than 10€ then don’t hesitate, because in case there is some money left we will help members of marginalised groups to travel to Berlin and attend the conference.


Event map

Additional Information

What is a Diversity Donation?

In 2014 Reject.JS was able to at least partially cover speaker travel cost for the first time. This year we want to take this a step further and try to offer full coverage for every speaker, even though we’re a community-driven conference with affordable ticket prices. However we need your help to make this happen!

Why is this so important?

There is no more selfish act than a generous one.

– Tal Ben-Shahar

The whole point of a community gathering is to meet new people and get fresh ideas. Not being able to cover travel costs for speakers works against that goal, because only local, or well-situated people will be able to tell their story. This means by donating money you will enhance your very own conference experience.

Diversity supporter tickets

We also offer diversity supporter that are more expensive than the regular ones. Those will help us tremendously in our diversity efforts. If you already have a ticket and want to support us, feel free to get one of those and either give it away yourself or tell us and we'll give it to someone who couldn't join otherwise.

Child care

This year we also provide child care. When you buy a ticket you'll be asked to provide some details about your kids, so we can make sure we get everything we need. If you want to bring your significant other with you, please tell us, so we can arrange something.


The venue should be completely accessible. If you have certain requirements, please get in touch, and we'll arrange everything that is possible. We value your attendance! You can read our full accessibility statement here: