React Universe Conf 2024

Formerly, React Native EU (RNEU), React Universe Conf (RUC) is a conference meant to share knowledge and network with React and React Native enthusiasts from around the world.

We renamed the conference to reflect our growth. After seven editions focused exclusively on cross-platform development with React Native, we are opening up to the whole React ecosystem as one because there’s one React and many platforms.

Starting this year, we are expanding our horizons and inviting all React developers to explore the cosmic possibilities of the React Universe together. By no means are we saying goodbye to React Native EU  we're saying hello to something even greater. The quality and vibe are here to stay, and our commitment to delivering excellence remains unwavering.

Get ready for a conference focused on two major themes: cross-platform development with React Native and full-stack with React.

With our conference, we want to go beyond React Native itself  we want to explore the React Universe and discover its infinite potential. Join us on this journey!