CC4AV MaxMSP Meetup #2

We're welcoming sound, visual artists and designers, media technologists and researchers to join the CC4AV MaxMSP Meetup in Berlin. This will be our second meetup, join us for a learning and creative coding session. We encourage beginners and female creatives to come to the meetup.

This time Federico Foderaro will be giving an introduction to Jitter - a visual part of MaxMSP. Federico Foderaro is an Italian artist and programmer working with sound, visuals and data. He is known for his YouTube channel “Amazing Max Stuff” where he gives tutorials on MaxMSP software with the focus on creating visuals.


MaxMSP is a software development framework using visual paradigm and runs on Mac and PC computers. It provides interactive programming and it is made for creating custom applications dealing with signals and sound, generating video and visuals and much more. From generating to processing, MaxMSP can handle any kind of data and can connect everything from data networks to sensors, DMX and any serial devices using USB (including Kinect). It offers a proper and stable environment in which one can map everything to everything. It is one of the most used frameworks for designing custom systems for live performances, art installations, scientific prototyping, experimental environments and interactive applications.


CC4AV MaxMSP Meetups will be happening every month, feel free to contact us if you have any specific topics you want to talk about or projects you would like to present.

This meetup is co-organised by Irina Spicaka and Mar High — a girls who believe in technology and artistic expression. As well as it is a collaboration between CC4AV and Project A Ventures.


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