Open Exploration Workshop 06.02.2024

Unleash Your Creativity for a Sustainable Future! ūüĆć

Dive into the Heart of Change: How to nurture crazy ideas for wicked problems building future scenarios for which to act today!

Our food system is in desperate need of a makeover, and YOU can be the catalyst for transformation! Join us in an exhilarating workshop where we tackle the challenges head-on and cultivate ingenious solutions for a planet-friendly future.

What to Expect:

  • Explore signals pointing towards resource¬†efficiency.
  • Uncover the obstacles hindering progress today.
  • Deep dive into the complexities of our agro-food¬†system.
  • Engage with open-innovation experts guiding you¬†through the challenges mapping.
  • Craft opportunity statements paving the way for¬†radical solutions and ideas.

Why Attend?  Connect with a vibrant, multidisciplinary community passionate about reshaping our food landscape. Gain profound insights into hurdles, their origins, and their profound impacts.

Your Chance to Shine: Participation opens doors to submit your groundbreaking ideas! Receive incubation coaching and a CHF 5,000.- voucher to develop your concept. Pitch it to an expert panel and stand a chance to secure up to CHF 30,000.- to bring your vision to life.

Success Stories: In 2023, our workshops sparked 38 submissions out of which 13 radical ideas have been funded to thrive. Now, it's YOUR turn to be the next idea creator!

Secure your spot today and be the change our planet desperately needs!

ūüĆŹ Don't miss the chance to¬†shape the future of our food system. Together, let's sow the seeds of¬†innovation!

**Important Notice: ** With the purchase of this ticket, you agree to be tagged on social media posts and pictures taken during the event. Please contact us for further information or in case you disagree via mail:

Join, create, and innovate with us.


Additional Information

INNOSpace is a creative co-lab 20 minutes from Bern Railway-Station


  • Come with an open mind and a willingness to contribute actively and constructively to the topic at hand
  • Be ready to actively exchange with others in an open innovation and co-creation mode
  • Be prepared to join a multidisciplinary team working on the development of an opportunity
  • Be interested in submitting a project/idea, with a team to the upcoming ideation campaign (See submission dates on the homepage)
  • Be prepared to pitch in front of an expert jury (date to be confirmed | 08:00-18:00 online)