1 Day Blogging Workshop November

Unfortunately we as bloggers don't always get the traffic to our blogs that we would like or that our great content deserves and that is where the one day workshop comes in.

We are not suggesting that people can't blog or that your blogging is no good, it's the opposite in fact. We just want to help you make tweaks to your content that will give it a wider reach and bigger impact.

For instance did you know that by simply putting a negative spin on your headline you can increase click through rates by 30%. Bad news travels fast remember....

If you are wondering what a wider reach and bigger impact means in terms of numbers, we have brought over 500,000 page views a week to one of our blogs by implementing the system we will be sharing on the day.

Whether you have been blogging for some time or are completely new to the world of blogging, the impact of creating content that leaves your audience wanting more can't be overstated.

The one day blogging workshop is for bloggers and aspiring bloggers who want to make an impact with their blog. Each module is designed to give you the best impact with your content.

Paul and Phil have created a system for publishing content that not only saw them produce 40+ pieces of blog content every week, but also leverage that quality content against major publications such as RTE, The Irish Times and many many more.


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