2023-2024 Financial Services Bar Association (FSBA) Membership

The Financial Services Bar Association aims to promote members’ expertise in all areas of financial services law.

In addition, this new association will actively encourage and educate junior colleagues who want to grow their practice in financial services law.

The association will also proactively engage with relevant legislative developments and consultations.

The Membership Fee are:

  • Free for Law Library members – Years 1-3,
  • €25 for Law Library members – Years 4 - 7,
  • €50 for Law Library members – Years 8+
  • €100 for Law Library members – Senior Counsel.
  • Affiliate Membership (Individual) is €100
  • Affiliate Membership (Firm) is €500

Membership year starts on 1 October 2023 and expires on 31 September 2024.