Realtime Week 2013

Friday night dinner

There is nothing like the experience of slowly enjoying a meal among new and old friends in an intimate setting. We are determined to create some outstanding experiences, a diverse selection of options, and a range of prices.

(The rest of the meals at RealtimeConf are covered.)

Option 1: Dinner at Din Din

The best way to describe Chef Courtney Sproule’s amazing cooking is French Regional cuisine with only the finest and most fresh ingredients. Her restaurant, Din Din, is a new addition to the Portland restaurant scene.

Courtney and her restaurant make you feel like you’re on the set of a Woody Allen film.

The Scene: a Parisian garret where your sophisticated and fancy friend masterfully creates a 6 course meal with ineffable ease and grace.

$59 (drinks not included) — limited!

Option 2: Dinner at BEAST

RealtimeConf 2012 attendees raved about their experience at BEAST.

Not for the picky eater, this meat-centric open kitchen is presided over by Portland personality and celebrity chef-owner Naomi Pomeroy.

Naomi's skilled culinary team serves up perfect seasonal salads, crepes, mushrooms, and delectable meats of all kinds with old time classic desserts to please the belly.

This is a 6 course meal with wine pairings and a small selection of Belgian inspired beers.

$130 (includes drinks) — limited!

Option 3: Guests of Moses Driver

This is a very special ticket, which will also include delicious participation in Eran Hammer's elaborate presentation, along with some valuable souvenirs.

Beyond this, guests of Moses Driver will be hosted for dinner on Friday evening by Emily Katz, an artist/designer/curator who believes in the beauty of simple details.

The dinner she is preparing comes from the desire to share her love of local, small batch, artisanal cuisine in the intimate and personal environment of her thoughtfully handmade home.

Whether she is barrel fermenting pickles from tiny local cucumbers she found at the farmers market, or concocting a delicate dish of wild mushrooms, floral and woodsy, her intentions are to have you smiling with every bite, keep the wine flowing in your glass, and the warm mood of the autumn meal satiating your hunger for great conversation and company.

Emily will be joined by her friends from Clyde Common to help serve you an amazing meal and an unforgettable experience.

Six course meal with wine pairings.

$200 (includes drinks) — extremely limited

Other options will be released nearer to the event.

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